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Welcome to Elements Audio

we are designer's and manufacturer's of professional loudspeaker systems

We offer a wide range of innovative, high-quality audio equipment and services including, high quality bespoke speaker cabinets, and our own range of professional loud speakers. We also provide venue installations, event sound system and lighting hire.


Elements Audio was set up by Ben Wells in 2001 starting on a very small scale building speakers for friends only. Now in 2021 this is a very different story, with a great demand for bespoke speakers and high end audio product, Elements Audio offers high quality builds, unique designs and solutions to suit any requirments. The pure workmanship and passion that goes into our builds is second to none.

Elements Audio is a wholesome family run business offering a unique service. Our objective is to focus on our clients needs, be it a one off build, a custom design, or a full sound system. At Elements Audio we like to turn your ideas and dreams in to reality.


We believe all good sound systems start with quality amplification, that is why we are proud to offer our own (OEM) designed amplifiers and Stock DB-Mark Processors. Every great speaker cabinet starts at the design stage with a driver. We are proud to use and supply BMS and 18 Sound transducers as well as other brands, whatever the need as a company we are consistent.


Elements Audio only produce and build their speakers in the UK, using locally sourced components were possible. Elements Audio speaker cabinets are assembled by hand and made on the latest cnc and cutting machines available, using only the finest quality Baltic Birch Ply. ."

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18 Sound

18 Sound

The perfect choice for any speaker project


The power to drive your system
Paraflex C2-A

Paraflex C2-A

The Speaker box dreams are made of.