New CD CK and K Series

CD, CK and K Range
Ck, Ouptut Boards and K Range

In 2019 we completly revamp our existing range of amplification, and bring back the popular transformer range with some major upgrades.

Full specs and models can be viewed in our products section.

The PCM, PQM, and PXM range which proved very popular, have been fully rebranded with new model numbers and a wider range of models, these were redesigned and upgraded by the original design team.

The popular pcm range has had a full make over with even bigger powered amps in the range, the new range has undergone a name change to the CK series.

Please use this link to see what the CK range has to offer.

Our popular PQM range has also had a face lift and some internal tweeks making this range even better. The pqm range is also having a name change to the CD series

Please use this link to see what the CD range has to offer.

Back by popular demand.... Yes 2019 sees the return of the PXM transformer range, With more power, stability and refined looks. The pxm range also has had a name change to the K series.

Please use this link to see what the K range has to offer.

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    Ben Wells

    January 9, 2018 at 2:21pm

    If you have any questions, or want to hear the new amps, please get in touch.


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